Arthur J Vogan Pacific Photographs

Photos taken by Arthur J Vogan on his travels around the Pacific between about 1901 and 1939.

Most of the photograps are from Fiji but there are some from other Pacific locations including New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Subjects include rock engravings, landscapes, European and indigenous family groups, housing, transport, domesticated animals and indigenous cultural practices.


Arthur J Vogan

Arthur James Vogan (1859-1948) was a gentleman adventurer and self-styled archaeologist/anthropologist. Born in Kent, England, he came to Australia, served in the Boer War, and travelled extensively in the Pacific. He died at the Salvation Army Home, Dee Why, NSW.

The Australian Museum acquired Pacific ethnographic material from Vogan in 1889 and 1923, as well as other Australian artefacts in 1890 under the donor name of HS Vogan. These objects are held in our Cultural Collections.

Further ethnographic material, photographs and personal papers were acquired by the Australian Museum as part of the bequest of Melbourne Ward in 1972. Vogan’s personal papers are held by the State Library of NSW.

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