Aboriginal Weaving Demonstration

Watch or participate in demonstrations of traditional weaving techniques by Aboriginal artists. 

Aboriginal Weaving Demonstration - Steve Russell

Aboriginal Weaving Demonstration - Steve Russell
Photographer: Kelli Ryan © Kelli Ryan

Event Type: Special event

Date: 28 May 2012 to 1 June 2012

Time:10.00 AM to 03.00 PM

Location: Level G, Atrium

Admission: Free after admission

Free, live demonstrations by Aboriginal artists of the traditional methods of weaving will be taking place between 10am and 3pm each day of this event.

  • Watch and participate in the making of dilly bags, eel traps and baskets as well as contemporary pieces of art.
  • Discover the centuries-old craft of collecting, harvesting and preparing natural materials and participate in traditional string making.
  • Build skills and foster cultural awareness through weaving.

For more information email or call Charlotte on 02 9329 6416.

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