A scienceWATCH top 10 paper on climate change

Dan Faith’s co-authored paper on climate change impacts on biodiversity,

“Forecasting effects of global warming on biodiversity”. BioScience 57: 227-236

was assessed by scienceWATCH as one of the top 10 papers internationally under the topic “climate change”, based on its number of citations over the past two years.

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Climate Change - November 2009
Top Papers -  2 years

***Article 7
Total Cites: 39
Article Title: Forecasting the effects of global warming on biodiversity
Authors: Botkin, DB, Saxe, H, Araujo, MB, Betts, R, Bradshaw, RHW, Cedhagen, T, Chesson, P, Dawson, TP, Etterson, JR, Faith, DP, Ferrier, S, Guisan, A, Hansen, AS, Hilbert, DW, Loehle, C, Margules, C, New, M, Sobel, MJ, Stockwell, DRB
Volume: 57
Page: 227-236
Year: 2007

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