2015 Sleek Geeks Eureka Prize (Finalists and Highly Commended)

Watch the 2015 Primary and Secondary student films, including finalists and highly commended.

The University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize is awarded for a short film that communicates a scientific concept in an accessible and engaging way.


Primary School Category

Cry Stoppers Georgia (Gigi) Souyave-Murphy and Ella Woods, St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, Qld
Detectives Gigi and Ella believe that science is about understanding our world, answering questions and definitely having fun. Their film Cry Stoppers investigates why onions make us cry and gives us some practical tips to stop the tears when confronted with this kitchen culprit!

Why is Seaweed Brown? William Martin, Trinity Grammar Junior School, NSW
Excited by the result of a class project, William was inspired to make his film Why is Seaweed Brown? Using a number of experiments, William demonstrates the properties of light, how plants need to absorb light to grow and how this happens in a limited light environment, thereby uncovering the hidden green of seaweed.

Secondary School Category

Gravity Sucks, Tom Downie and Harry Bebbington, Warrandyte High School, Vic
Tom and Harry explain gravity, what it is and what it does. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and Newton’s force law are explained by this talented duo, who ‘rap’ it all up in their entertaining Gravity Sucks.

The Secret of the Appendix Paige Bebee, Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School, Vic
Throughout history, human understanding of the appendix has been limited to the knowledge of painful inflammation that requires urgent surgery. In The Secret of the Appendix, Paige explains that the appendix does much more than we give it credit for, and is a vital component of a healthy gut. It's time to spread the word about this misunderstood organ.

Why are Concussions Bad for You? Luke Cadorin-Taylor, St Aloysius' College, NSW
Luke’s creative film Why are Concussions Bad for You? explores the serious topic of sports injuries to the brain. Using claymation, Luke describes the structure and function of the brain, and explains the potential consequences of a knock to the head, which can include injury, permanent brain damage or even death.

Highly Commended

Primary School Category

Stop the Freeze Please, Rosanna Cartwright and Olivia Stavrakis, PLC Sydney, NSW

Ugly Animals Are Important, Jasper and Griffin Chong, St Peter's Lutheran College, Qld

Coke & Mentos Geyser Experiment, Jarroch Maywald, Penguin District School, Tas

Supercooled Water, Joseph Moynihan, St Augustine's College, Qld

Anxiety in Kids, Willamira Pedemont, Artarmon Public School, NSW

Bright Eyes, Selena Read, Dominique de Souza and Gabriella Mancini, PLC Sydney, NSW

Sweet and Sour, Kate Teesson and Michelle Hoffman, Lindfield Public School, NSW

How planes fly! Toby Trenwith, Virginia Primary School, SA

Secondary School Category

Synesthesia, Jacob Hoch, Sean Kelly, Reena Zelenkova and Will Stamp, Glen Eira College, Vic

Humoral Immunity, Salma Lakehal, Strathfield Girls High School, NSW

Fight or Flight Response, Georgia Marler, St Philip's Christian College, NSW

Death of the Universe, Bailey Nugent, St Patrick's College, Qld

Evolution in Candy, Caitlin Piepke, Saint Andrew's Anglican College, Qld

Why am I a ranga? Zoe Williams, Devonport High School, Tas

Photosynthesis, Zaeema Zameel and Alia Zeidan, Strathfield Girls High School, NSW

Finalists' statements are based on information provided by the entrants.

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