2014 Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize Finalists

Watch the 2014 Primary and Secondary student films, both finalists and highly commended.

The University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize is awarded for a short film that communicates a scientific concept in an accessible and engaging way.

Primary winners

FIRST - The Sound of Music, Harry Driessen, Croydon Public School, NSW
In The Sound of Music Harry explains what sound waves are, how we hear sound, and how various stringed, woodwind and brass instruments produce notes of different pitch. Harry’s film brings together two subjects that are close to his heart: music and science.

SECOND - What Colour is a Tree in the Dark? Ella Cuthbert, Majura Primary, ACT
Ella is passionate about colour and recognises its importance not only in science, but also in our world. Using a variety of film techniques including claymation, Ella’s film explores the connection between colour and light, and proves that without light there is no colour.

Secondary winners

FIRST - Phantom Limbs, Jackson Huang, Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology, Qld
Jackson uses phantom limbs, a puzzling neurological disorder often experienced by amputees, to enlighten the audience about the nervous system. The film engages people with neuroscience and outlines the theories behind phantom limb syndrome.

SECOND - Epigenetics, Jackson McDonald, Varsity College, Qld
Jack Mac tackles a fascinating new field of science in his film, Epigenetics. While DNA is our genetic blueprint, external factors like diet and stress can sometimes switch off a gene and therefore stop it from acting according to the plan. Jack’s film is a clever introduction to a complex subject.

THIRD - The Mystery of Lichen, Mikali Anagnostis, St Philip's Christian College, NSW
Mikali’s film explores the unusual topic of lichen, the ‘crusty blue stuff’ on trees. He shows the audience a variety of types of lichen, describes their structure and explains how they consist of a symbiosis between an alga or cyanobacterium and a fungus.



Primary highly commended

Jake's Pet... Alive or Not? Jake Anderson, Lewis Cavolo, Sophia Choy, Abby Sharrock, Ellen Theologou and Jasmine Zhang, Essex Heights Primary School, Vic

Why Don't Birds Have Teeth? Alex Burkhart, Jennifer Choi, Hashene Dahanayake and Olivia Phae, Epping West Public School, NSW

Melting Moments, Rosanna Cartwright and Olivia Stavrakis, PLC Sydney, NSW

CSI - Creative Scientific Investigators, Gwendalyn Dabaja and Eliza Martin, PLC Sydney, NSW

Wynyard's Icy Past, Liam Eccles and Dan Jones, Table Cape Primary School, Tas

Cosmic Vacuum Cleaners, Hugo Potter, Maribyrnong Primary School, ACT

Secondary highly commended

Why is Smoking Bad for Us? Luke Cadorin-Taylor, St Aloysius' College, NSW

Colour Blindness, Ela Curic, Sachi Pirola and Aurora Ward, Sydney Girls High School, NSW

Super Sunscreen Science, Tim Eddy, Southern Cross, NSW

Master Builders of the Sea, Alexander Jaeger, Mornington Secondary College, Vic

Auditory Neuroscience, Charlton McDonald, Varsity College, Qld

I Want To Make Tea (Diffusion), George Perry, Queensland Academy for Health Sciences, Qld

Termites' Air Conditioning System, Chun Yu, Fahan School, Tas


Kea Lambert , Project Officer, Eureka Prizes
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