Yumi the Yutyrannus

Meet Yumi, one of 8 members of our Tyrannosaurs exhibition family.

Yumi the Yutyrannus

Yumi the Yutyrannus
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Estimated at weighing approximately 1,400 kilograms, and with a length of 9 metres, no one can accuse Yumi the Yutyrannus of being ‘dainty’.

With a name that means ‘beautiful feathered tyrant’, Yumi has the honour of being the largest known dinosaur with feathers. Born in the Liaoning Province of China, Yumi comes from a fairly cold climate. Luckily for her though, her filamentous feathers that are as long as 20 centimetres and look like the fuzzy down of baby chicks, serve as a great way to keep warm in the cold.

Proud of her beautiful plumage, Yumi sees herself as the most stylish member of the tyrannosaur family. Feathers aside, she considers her most attractive feature to be her distinctive ‘wavy’ snout crest – which she’s been rumoured to use to catch the eye of the local men!

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Fast facts about Yumi

  • Estimated to weigh approximately 1,400 kilograms
  • Length of 9 metres
  • Full scientific name means ‘beautiful feathered tyrant’
  • Largest known dinosaur to have feathers
  • From the Liaoning Province of China
  • Lived in a cold climate
  • Feathers were filamentous and could be as long as 20 centimetres.
  • Feathers would have looked like the fuzzy down of baby chicks
  • Had a distinctive ‘wavy’ snout crest which some scientists say would have been used to attract a mate

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