Work Experience for School Students

In 2016, the Australian Museum will offer Work Experience opportunities to students in Years 10, 11 and 12

Marissa and Prue, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics interns

Marissa and Prue, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics interns
Photographer: Rebecca Johnson © Australian Museum

Recognising the mutually beneficial value for students and the Australian Museum, we will provide inspiring and exciting experiences for students.

Australian Museum departments focussed on scientific exploration and discovery will offer students real opportunities to engage with their work. Other participants will have valuable opportunities to experience ‘behind-the-scenes’ departments whose work relates to the running of the Museum. Whichever Department hosts your time at the Australian Museum, the experience will provide practical learning opportunities to consolidate classroom teaching. In turn, this will support your personal development and professional skills as you prepare to enter the workforce and develop your career potential.


  • Open - Monday 7 March
  • Close - Friday 8 April

Pleace will be available in Term 2, 3and 4 and all successful applicants for 2016 will be notified from the 29 April. Each placement is limited to 5 days (Monday to Friday) working 9.30am to 4pm each day.

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