Video conferencing - Web to classroom teacher workshop

In this practical professional development workshop teachers are shown how to gather and organise their favourite pages from the Australian Museum website for use with their students.

Web to Classroom Workshop

Photographer: Helen Wheeler © Australian Museum

At the completion of this practical workshop teachers will have at least one set of web resources based on a curriculum theme to use with their students and to share with colleagues. They are also shown how to comment on the Museum website and how to upload image, movie and sound files.

Teachers should have access to a computer during the video conference so they can participate fully.


The session runs from 3.30 until 4.15 pm and includes opportunities to ask question with museum educators.


There is currently no charge for this video conference.


Bookings can be made through the Distance and Rural Technologies


Dates for Web to classroom workshop video conference.

Ms Helen Wheeler , Education Project Officer
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