Video conferencing - Meet the Megafauna

This video conference is suitable for Stage 2-4.

Student with Diprotodon fossils

Student with Diprotodon fossils
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

Join us for some fascinating insights into Australia’s megafauna. What are the megafauna – are they simply ‘large animals’ or is there more to the story? Meet some of Australia’s megafauna including our biggest and our most vicious predator. See their fossils and compare them with some living relations.

Video conference with Museum in a Box

This video conference runs in conjunction with the Museum in a Box® program with the loan of Evolution of Australian Biota Box for a three week period.


The sessions runs from 11 - 11.45 am and includes opportunities to ask questions with the museum educator.


Standard Museum in a Box® prices apply plus $77 per class for the video conference.


Dates for this year


Bookings can be made through Distance and Rural Technologies

Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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