Animal Species:Trout Galaxias, Galaxias truttaceus Valenciennes, 1846

Standard Common Name

Trout Galaxias

Alternative Name/s

Mountain Trout, Native Trout, Ocellated Mountain Trout, Spotted Galaxias, Spotted Minnow, Spotted Mountain Trout, Spotted Trout Minnow, Trout Minnow, Western Mountain Trout, Yarra Trout


  1.  Hoese, D.F., Bray, D.J., Paxton, J.R. & G.R. Allen. 2006. Fishes. In Beesley, P.L. & A. Wells. (eds) Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Volume 35. ABRS & CSIRO Publishing: Australia. parts 1-3, pages 1-2178.

Mark McGrouther , Collection Manager, Ichthyology
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