Touring exhibition: SuperCroc

Exhibition currently touring: Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum, Bathurst, NSW, 4th December 2015 till 29th May 2016.



Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

SuperCroc is an 11 metre replica of Sarcosuchus imperator - a 9,000 kilogram crocodile that roamed the earth 110 million years ago.

What eats dinosaurs for breakfast and has a two metre wide skull?

Meet SuperCroc (Sarcosuchus imperator) a 110 million year old ancient African monster. Arguably the largest crocodilian to ever roam the earth at 11 metres long - this bus-sized flesh-on-bone replica beast is available to tour to your venue.

SuperCroc’s jaws boasted more than 100 teeth, including a row of enlarged bone-crushing incisors. The enlarged, bulging end of its snout sheltered a huge cavity that may have given the giant croc an enhanced sense of smell and an unusual call. Its eye sockets were tilted upward, which helped it to conceal its huge body underwater while scanning the river’s edge for its next dinner.

SuperCroc is the property of the Australian Museum after being donated in 2003 by National Geographic Channel.

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Louise Teteris

Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales

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Louise Teteris , Exhibition Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales
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