Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Maria Capa Postdoctoral Researcher Marine Invertebrates Collection
Robert Jones Palaeontology Palaeontology Collection
Geoff Gardner Operations Coordinator, Australian Museum Science Festival Science Communication
Andrew Cutbush Occupational Health and Safety Co-ordinator
Martyn Robinson Naturalist Visitor Services
Jonathon Cant Museum 2 You Intern Learning Services
Sue Lindsay Microscopy and Microanalysis Unit, Manager
Miriam Arndt Marketing Coordinator
Sophie Masters Manager, Visitor Services Visitor Services
Dennis Shallis Manager, Security Building & Security Services
Colin Macgregor Manager, Materials Conservation Materials Conservation & Analytical Resources
Vanessa Finney Manager, Archives and Records Archives & Records
Karen Player Manager Museum Outreach Learning Services
Catherine Beehag Manager Science Communication
Henry Lugowski Management Accountant Finance
Anina Hainsworth Library Technician, Inter-Library Loans Research Library
Fiona Simpson Librarian Research Library
Helen Wheeler Learning Services Operations Manager Learning Services
Hal Cogger John Evans Memorial Fellow Herpetology Collection
Kellie Harris Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Melissa Murray Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Logan Metcalfe Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Ella Minton Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Steve Vogel Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Yvette Simpson Interpretitve Officer Visitor Services
Marina Neuner Intern
Birgul Onal Intern Design
Michelle DelCarlo Intern
Irene Rubino Intern
Charlotte Galleguillos Indigenous Education Assistant Learning Services