Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Kirsten Downie Head of Marketing and Communications (Maternity leave contract)
Glenn Hodges Head, Building & Security
Alexandra Boyce Head, Corporate Partnerships
Scott Mitchell Head, Cultural Collection Conservation & Consulting
Jason Wong Head, Digital Online & ICT
Narendra Mehta Head, Finance
George Notman Head, Human Resources
Fara Pelarek Head, Life Long Learning
David Britton Head, Natural Sciences & Biodiversity Conservation Entomology Collection
Julie Garradd Head, Visitor Programs and Services
Daniel Clarke Helpdesk Information Technology
Natalie Wu Human Resource Officer Human Resources
Maggie Chien Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Chai Griffin Human Resources Officer Human Resources
Charlotte Galleguillos Indigenous Education Assistant Learning Services
Marina Neuner Intern
Birgul Onal Intern Design
Michelle DelCarlo Intern
Irene Rubino Intern
Yvette Simpson Interpretitve Officer Visitor Services
Kellie Harris Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Melissa Murray Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Logan Metcalfe Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Ella Minton Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Steve Vogel Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Hal Cogger John Evans Memorial Fellow Herpetology Collection
Fiona Simpson Librarian Research Library
Anina Hainsworth Library Technician, Inter-Library Loans Research Library
Malcolm Lowe Maintenance Coordinator
Henry Lugowski Management Accountant Finance