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Staff name Position Section
Graham Milledge Collection Manager, Arachnology Arachnology Collection
Jodi Rowley Co-ordinator, Australian Museum Research Institute Herpetology Collection
Andrea Sturgeon Casual Educator Learning Services
Khin Sein Cashier Finance
Chris Lang Audience Researcher/Advocate Audience Research
Tehmi Sukhla Associate Director, Development, Communications & Marketing
Paul Ryan Associate Director, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer
Brian Lassig Assistant Director, Science & Learning / Head, Australian Museum Research Institute
Steven Alderton Assistant Director, Public Engagement & Culture
Rose Docker Archivist Archives & Records
Patricia Egan Archivist Archives & Records
Ingrid Bennett Administrative Officer, Australian Museum Members
James King Administrative Assistant Photography
Bob Lamb Administration, Lizard Island
Tania Lamb Administration, Lizard Island
Lance Pearce Administration, Lizard Island
Marianne Pearce Administration, Lizard Island
Helen Smith Acting Technical Officer and Research Associate Arachnology Collection
Glenn Muir Acting Senior Project Manager Business Services: Ecology
Gráinne Murphy Acting Marketing Manager
Paul Flemons Acting Head, Science Services & Infrastructure Collection Informatics
Glenn Ferguson Acting Head, Program Delivery, Production & Design
Rebecca Johnson Acting Assistant Director, Australian Museum Research Institute, Science and Learning DNA Laboratory
Kwan Chow Accounts Officer Finance
Phil Gordon Aboriginal Heritage Project Officer Anthropology Research
Ian Loch Malacology Collection
Australian Museum Archives Archives & Records
Reading Room
Louise Cornwall
Human Resources