Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Megan Dean-Jones
Max Moulds Senior Research Fellow Entomology Collection
Matthew Krenmayr
Martyn Robinson Naturalist Visitor Services
Marlene Vial Technical Officer Malacology Collection
Mark Semeniuk Project Officer Business Services: Ecology
Mark McGrouther Collection Manager, Ichthyology Ichthyology Collection
Mark Eldridge Principal Research Scientist Mammalogy Collection
Mark Connolly Customer Service Manager Front of House & Customer Service
Marina Neuner Intern
Marianne Pearce Administration, Lizard Island
Maria Capa Postdoctoral Researcher Marine Invertebrates Collection
Marcela Pacheco Executive Assistant
Mandy Reid Collection Manager, Malacology Malacology Collection
Malcolm Bray Project Officer Exhibition Production
Maggie Chien Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Lyle Vail Director, Lizard Island Research Station
Louise Teteris Exhibition Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales Exhibitions
Louise Cornwall
Louise Carter Technical Officer Arachnology Collection
Logan Metcalfe Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Lisa McCaffrey Technical Officer Business Services: Ecology
Libby Percival Project Manager, Historic Heritage, Archaeology & Heritage, Australian Museum Consulting
Leonie Prater Digitisation Project Officer Collection Informatics
Laura McBride Creative Producer Visitor Services
Lance Wilkie Scientific Officer Collection Informatics
Lance Pearce Administration, Lizard Island
Kwan Chow Accounts Officer Finance
Kristin Anderson Project Coordinator, Eureka Prizes
Kirsten Downie Head of Marketing and Communications (Maternity leave contract)