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Senior Research Scientist
Marine Research
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I have left the museum. You can view my current website at Marine Biodiversity & Evolution


I became interested in a research career after being fascinated by the diversity of molluscs and what they do. My main focus is on heterobranch molluscs, which includes the colourful nudibranch sea slugs. Now I also work on many groups of animals, including fish, annelid worms, and crinoids. I also work across different habitats including Antarctica, tropical reefs, and the deep sea. 

Research Highlights

2011 Research Highlight- Journal of Experimental Biology May 214:iii, “Blinded by the light – the fantastic flash of the clusterwink snail” doi:10.1242/jeb.049742

2010 Research Highlight- Nature Dec 23: p1004, “Snail shells spread light around” doi:10.1038/4681004a

[Also reported in Australian Geographic, ABC Science (Australia), BBC News (UK), World News, Science Daily, Reuters, Wired Magazine, and numerous other articles from the USA, Australia, Russia, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia]

2009 Editors Choice, Science- 9 Jan 323(5911): p186, “Osedax, Queens of Decay”


PhD (University of Queensland, 2004)

BSc Hons (University of Queensland, 1999)

BSc (University of Melbourne, 1998) 


Research Grants

  • 2012 Lowe Family Foundation, Biology and reproduction of seadragons to inform an aquarium-based breeding program
  • 2011 Australian Biological Resources Survey, Testing taxonomic concepts with DNA in reef-associated molluscan genera: revision and origin of Australian Volutidae
  • 2011 NSF Office Of Polar Programs, Using molecular data to test connectivity and the circumpolar paradigm for Antarctic marine invertebrates
  • 2010 UC Ship Funds Panel, Population structure and gene flow in a living fossil
  • 2009 Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative to Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Bio-inspired optics: offering physical and technological insights in color and structure
  • 2008 NSF DEB Systematic Biology and Biodiversity Inventories Cluster, Collaborative research: Resolving old questions in molluscan phylogenetics with new EST data and developing general phylogenomic tools
  • 2007 UC Ship Funds Panel, Evolutionary significance of Monoplacophora
  • 2007 UCSD Senate Grant, Weedy seadragon phylogeography
  • 2005 National Geographic, Leafy seadragon phylogeography
  • 2005 Sir Mark Mitchell Foundation, Bioluminescent nudibranchs
  • 2002 Hawaiian Malacological Society Grant, Nudibranch Biology
  • 1999 Mollusc Research Grant, Malacological Society of Australasia
  • Travel Grants
  • 2008 NSF Polar Programs travel grant to X SCAR International Biology Symposium, Hokkaido, Japan
  • 2005 NSF Polar Programs travel grant to IX SCAR International Biology Symposium, Curitiba, Brazil
  • 2004 UNITAS travel grant to World Congress of Malacology, Perth, Australia
  • 2003 University of Queensland Graduate School Research Travel Award

Awards & Honours

  • 2009 Antarctic Science Career Development bursary
  • 2007 Lerner-Gray Fellowship, American Museum of Natural History
  • 2004 University of Queensland Graduate School Completion Scholarship
  • 2002 First place, Australian Electron Microscopy Society SEM calendar competition (with L. Daddow)
  • 2002 Australian Museum Postgraduate Award
  • 2001 Australian Biological Resources Study Bursary
  • 2000 Best student paper presented at Molluscs 2000 conference, Sydney, AUS
  • 2000 Woodside-AMSA scholarship for Marine Biological Workshop in Dampier, Western Australia
  • 2000 Australian Postgraduate Award


Professional Memberships

  • Society for the Study of Evolution
  • Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology
  • Australian Marine Sciences Association
  • Society of Australian Systematic Biologists
  • Association of Polar Early Career Scientists


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