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Technical Officer
DNA Laboratory
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My research interests include:

  • Molecular systematics
  • Phylogeography/biogeography
  • Conservation genetics
  • Population genetics

My PhD research combined these areas to investigate the patterns of genetic diversity in the long-nosed potoroo, one of the smallest members of the kangaroo and wallaby family, which is currently under threat from introduced predators such as the fox, and the clearing of native forests for development.

As part of my work for the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics I have been involved in a variety of different projects including:

  • Investigating the taxonomy of Australian reptiles and frogs
  • Paternity testing and gender testing for zoos and conservation agencies
  • Pedigree analysis
  • Population genetics studies of endangered species
  • Wildlife forensic cases
  • Species identification



Ph.D University of Melbourne, 2012

BSc (Hons) University of Melbourne, 2006

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