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Marine Research
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My specialties include marine biology, systematics of isopod crustaceans (e.g., marine and freshwater “slaters”), for which I have authored 174 new species, 43 new genera and 5 new families (as of 2014) and deep-sea biological oceanography. I am also interested in arthropod systematics, biogeography and quantitative biodiversity studies, especially in the deep-sea.


  • B.A. (Zoology) with distinction (Phi Beta Kappa), 1969: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
  • M.Sc. (Biological Oceanography), 1972: University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California, USA
  • Ph.D. (Marine Biology) 1985: University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California, USA
  • Prior to joining the Australian Museum in 1991, I was Associate Research Scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, where I had  received my M.Sc. and Ph. D. Much of my work at SIO revolved around quantitative biodiversity and community structure research on animals that live on the deep-sea floor.

 Recent Publications

  • Riehl, T., Wilson, G. D. F. & Malyutina, M. V. 2014. Urstylidae – a new family of abyssal isopods (Crustacea: Asellota) and its phylogenetic implications. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 170, 245-296.
  • Lee, T. R. C., Ho, S. Y. W., Wilson, G. D. F. & Lo, N. 2014. Phylogeography and diversity of the terrestrial isopod Spherillo grossus (Oniscidea: Armadillidae) on the Australian East Coast. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 170, 297-309.
  • Wilson, G. D. F. 2012. Fossils In The Phylogeny Of Isopod Crustaceans (Arthropoda). In: T. A. Hegna & J. A. Wolfe (Eds), "The Origins of Arthropod Diversity: Phylogenetic Insights from the Living and the Dead", Paleontological Society, Abstract. Geological Society of America, Charleston, N.C., USA, p. 478.
  • Lins, L. S. F., Ho, S. Y. W., Wilson, G. D. F. & Lo, N. 2012. Evidence for Permo-Triassic colonization of the deep sea by isopods. Biology Letters, 8, 979-982.
  • Wilson G. D. F., Osborn A. W., Forteath G. N. R. 2012. Two new species of Colubotelson Nicholls, 1944 in Tasmania's Lake Pedder: persistence of Phreatoicidae (Crustacea, Isopoda) therein. Zootaxa 3406: 1–29.
  • Park T.-Y. Wilson G. D. F., Lee D.-C., Choi, D. K. 2012. Occurrence of the isopod Archaeoniscus coreaensis n.sp. from the Lower Cretaceous Jinju Formation, Korea. Journal of Paleontology 86: 626-640.
  • Riehl T., Wilson G. D. F., Hessler R. R. 2012. New Macrostylidae Hansen, 1916 (Crustacea: Isopoda) from the Gay Head–Bermuda Transect with special consideration of sexual dimorphism. Zootaxa 3277: 1-26.
  • Wilson, G. D. F., Paterson, J., Kear, B. P. 2011. Fossil isopods associated with a fish skeleton from the Lower Cretaceous of Queensland, Australia – direct evidence of a scavenging lifestyle in Mesozoic Cymothoida. Palaeontology. 54(5): 1053–1068.
  • Wilson G. D. F., Sims C., Grutter A. S., 2011.Toward a taxonomy of the Gnathiidae (Isopoda) using juveniles: the external anatomy of Gnathia aureamaculosa zuphea stages using scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Crustacean Biology 31(3): 509-522.
  • Wilson, G. D. F., Ranga Reddy, Y. 2011. Andhracoides shabuddin gen. nov., sp. nov., a new phreatoicidean isopod (Crustacea, Hypsimetopidae) from hypogean aquatic habitats in Andhra Pradesh, India Zootaxa. 2869. 37–53. ( ISSN 1175-5326 
  • Wei, C.-L., Rowe, G. T. Hubbard, G. F., Scheltema, A. H.,Petrescu, I., Wilson, G.D.F., Foster, J. M.,Wicksten, M. K., Chen, M., Davenport, R., Soliman, Y., Wang Y. 2010. Bathymetric zonation of deep-sea macrofauna in relation to export of surface phytoplankton production Marine Ecology Progress Series. 399. 1-14. ( ISSN 0171-8630 10.3354/meps08388 
  • Doti, B. L. and Wilson, G. D. F. 2010. The genera Carpias Richardson, Ianiropsis Sars and Janaira Moreira & Pires (Isopoda: Asellota: Janiridae) from Australia, with description of three new species Zootaxa. 2625. 1-39. ( ISSN 1175-5326
  • Fu, Wan-Lu, Wilson, G.D.F., Jiang, Da-Yong, Sun, Yuan-Lin, Hao, Wei-Cheng, Sun, Zuo-Yu. 2010. A New Species of Protamphisopus Nicholls (Crustacea, Isopoda, Phreatoicidea) from Middle Triassic Luoping Fauna of Yunnan Province, China Journal of Paleontology. 84. (5): 1003-1013. ( 10.1666/10-042.1 
  • Schotte, M., Markham, J. C. & Wilson, G. D. F.. 2009. Isopoda (Crustacea) of the Gulf of Mexico D. L. Felder & D. K. Camp. Jen Cork (ed). Jen Cork (ed). pp 973-986 In Gulf of Mexico - Its Origins, Waters, and Biota: Biodiversity. Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas.
  • Wilson G. D. F., Humphrey C. L., Colgan D. J., Gray K. A. and Johnson R. N. 2009. Monsoon-influenced speciation patterns in a species flock of Eophreatoicus Nicholls (Isopoda; Crustacea) Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 51. 349-364.
  • Wilson, G. D. F. 2009. The phylogenetic position of the Isopoda in the Peracarida (Crustacea: Malacostraca) Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny. 67. 159-198.
  • Wilson, G. D. F. 2008. Gondwanan groundwater: subterranean connections of Australian phreatoicidean isopods (Crustacea) to India and New Zealand Invertebrate Systematics. 22. 301-310.
  • Wilson, G. D. F. 2008. Global diversity of Isopod crustaceans (Crustacea; Isopoda) in freshwater E. V. Balian, C. Lévêque, H. Segers & K. Martens (ed). pp 231-240 In Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment. Springer, Netherlands.
  • Wilson, G. D. F. 2008. A review of taxonomic concepts in the Nannoniscidae (Isopoda, Asellota), with a key to the genera and a description of Nannoniscus oblongus Sars Zootaxa. 1680. 1-24.
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