Research project: Systematics and phylogeny of Sabellida (Polychaeta)


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Polychaete Bispira manicata

Polychaete Bispira manicata
Photographer: Gary Cranitch © Gary Cranitch

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  • Jointly funded by the Australian Museum and Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)


Evolutionary relationships in the polychaete order Sabellida (including Sabellidae, Fabriciidae, Oweniidae, Sabellariidae and Siboglinidae) will be assessed using morphological and molecular data.
Taxonomic and systematic revision of the families Sabellidae, Siboglinidae, Oweniidae and Sabellariidae will be performed, describing the species present in Australia and their distribution, and providing interactive keys. For this project, material housed in the Australian Museum collection and material newly collected from several localities (CReefs expedition to Ningaloo, Northern Territory, Victoria and the New South Wales coastline) will be studied.

Dr Pat Hutchings , Senior Principal Research Scientist
Dr Maria Capa , Postdoctoral Researcher
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