Research project: Review of the scaleworm polychaetes (Acoetidae) of the Australasian region


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The polychaete family Acoetidae is poorly represented in Australian museum collections. The family appears to be relatively diverse in Australia, although very few individuals are present from deep water and material is only available from the north and east coasts of Australia. However, while few individuals are present, they represent 10 species in 4 genera - Acoetes, Euarche, Eupolyodontes and Polyodontes.

Seven of these species are new (1 Acoetes, 1 Euarche, and 3 Polyodontes) and others have been recorded previously from Australia or Indonesia but are being redescribed. Detailed studies of the chaetae provide useful additional characters to separate these species. A key to Australian species will be produced.

Anna Murray , Technical Officer, Scientific
Dr Pat Hutchings , Senior Principal Research Scientist
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