Research project: Polychaete fauna of coral reefs: morphological and molecular characterisation and keys to species


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Maria Capa and Pat Hutchings

Maria Capa and Pat Hutchings
Photographer: Anna Murray © Anna Murray

Museum investigators

External investigators

  • Dr Chris Glasby, MAGNT
  • Dr Vivien Wei, University of Charles Darwin
  • Dr Karin Gibbs, University of Charles Darwin

Funded by

  • CReefs/ABRS


Scope of the project

  • Collecting: Heron and Lizard Islands (GBR) and Ningaloo Reef (WA) over three years (2009-2011)
  • Identification to species (expecting new species and records) of selected target families
  • Develop species lists and interactive keys for each site
  • Comparison of the diversity of these three widely separated reefs
  • Molecular characterisation of species (mitochondrial and nuclear markers)
  • Confirmation of presence of broadly distributed species along the Northern coast of Australia 
  • Documentation of cryptic species

Dr Pat Hutchings , Senior Principal Research Scientist
Dr Maria Capa , Postdoctoral Researcher
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