Research and Collections Advisory Committee

The Research and Collections Advisory Committee (RACAC) provides advice on directions for research and for collections policy within the Australian Museum.

An old jar containing a holotype

An old jar containing a holotype
Photographer: Jason Armstrong © Australian Museum

Research and Collections Advisory Committee Members

Dr Ronnie Harding, Chair
Senior Visiting Fellow, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of New South Wales

Dr Hal Cogger
John Evans Memorial Fellow, Australian Museum

Mr Frank Howarth
Director, Australian Museum

Dr Klaus Koop
Scientific Services, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

Dr Gaynor Macdonald
Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney

Professor Margaret Rose
Director, Research Governance, South East Sydney & Illawarra Area Health Service, Professor, University of NSW

Dr Brett Summerell
Director, Science and Public Programs, Botanic Gardens Trust

Professor John Talent
Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie University

Professor David Booth
Professor of Marine Ecology, University of Technology Sydney

Dr James Bradfield Moody
Executive Director, Development, CSIRO

Current members at January 2011.


Rebecca Hancock , Special Projects Officer
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