Book Chapter Ordovician biogeography of Australasia

Citation: Webby, B.D., Percival, I.G., Edgecombe, G., Vandenberg, F., Cooper, R., Pickett, J., Pojeta J.Jr., Playford, G., Winchester-Seeto, T., Zhen, Y.Y., Nicoll, R.S., Ross, J.R.P., Schallreuter, R. & Young G. 2000. Ordovician biogeography of Australasia. A. Wright, J. Talent & G. Young (ed). pp 63-126 In Palaeobiogeography of Australasian faunas and floras. Association of Australian Palaeontologists, Memoir 23. Association of Australian Palaeontologists: Canberra.

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