Image Gallery: Polychaetes Photographic Display

View the work of professional underwater photographers and research scientists, all of whom are fascinated by the beauty and variety, as well as the reproductive, developmental and feeding habits of polychaete worms.

Although polychaetes play a crucial role in marine ecosystems along with crustaceans, echinoderms, and molluscs, their delicate beauty is often undeservingly under-appreciated.

From August 4 to 9, the Australian Museum is hosting the 11th International Polychaete Conference where over 150 marine biologists from around the globe will get together to share the results of their studies. This year’s special meeting marks the 30th anniversary of the 1st International Polychaete Conference held here in 1983.

The selection of the Australian Museum again as the conference venue acknowledges our continuous expertise in polychaete research and our extensive collections.