My name is Attalus. I am Alexander the Great's Royal Page.

Alexander has ordered me to “pack and plunder” for his next trip. I have to find 15 special objects.

Can you Help
Number 1

Use the clues to find each special object.

Number 1

Each special object has a code number.

Number 1

Enter the code number to see if you are correct!

If you can’t find an object, look out for this secret symbol nearby.

Pack Label
Clue 01

Alexander’s horse! Before we go any further, we have to find Alexander’s horse (he is drawn very ‘flat’).

Clue 02

We need to find a helmet fit for a king. Alexander does not want any cheap bronze stuff.

Clue 03

Alexander needs enough silver Macedonian coins to pay the army (until he scores some more loot from his battles).

Clue 04

For inspiration, Alexander wants us to pack the statue of his feasting great-great-great grandfather (who is also his hero).

Clue 05

We need gold Persian jewellery for Alexander’s sisters, preferably showing their royal rank (or they’ll complain).

Clue 06

Alexander needs more Persian coins to pay his men. Find the most recently dated coins.

Clue 07

We need a 'pair' of something from the provinces for Bucephalus. Wicked Mardians stole him as a joke!

Clue 08

We need something for Alexander’s old tutor Leonidas, to go with the 18 tonnes of incense Alexander sent him from the city of Gaza.

Clue 09

We need some small portable 'pictures' of Alexander (showing his ‘godly’ side) to hand out to Alexander’s new subjects.

Clue 10

We need something silver from the ‘markets’ to hold the perfume Alexander got for his mum.

Clue 11

While we’re at the markets, we need a cup for drinking wine. Make sure it’s stronger than clay!

Clue 12

Bad news! We need to send Cleopatra a small statue of the goddess of love to help heal her broken heart.

Clue 13

Alexander wants to send a picture to his mum from ‘the east’ showing him as a hero with the dying Darius.

Clue 14

Alexander needs an extra copy of his favourite book as it is getting a bit ragged (look inside a picture to find it).

Clue 15

And for our last item, we need to find a timepiece suitable for Alexander the Great.


Good choice! You have found the correct object. Time to find the next one.


Looks like you plundered the wrong object! Go back and try again.


Well done! You found all the objects. Alexander the Great will be very happy!

  1. Code number 296/298
    Alexander also uses other horses but Bucephalus is family. He and Alexander look good – great, even – in this painting.
  2. Code number 31
    Iron is a luxury item so perfect for Alexander’s head!
  3. Code number 48 or 49
    We had to take Philip’s coins as Alexander hadn’t minted any yet (he didn’t mint coins until 333 BCE).
  4. Code number 5
    Alexander carried a statue of Heracles throughout his campaign. He liked some luxuries!
  5. Code number 203
    Alexander had three sisters Cleopatra, Cynane and Thessalonike.
  6. Code number 207
    Lucky Alexander is so generous in sharing his new wealth. It’s good to keep the men happy if they’re trudging to the ends of the Earth.
  7. Code number 236 or 237
    The Mardians returned Bucephalus after Alexander said he would destroy their country and slaughter their people.
  8. Code number 227
    That’ll remind Leonidas of why he shouldn’t have berated Alexander for wasting incense when he was young.
  9. Code number 121
    It’s great to leave a calling card, but I wish Alexander invented business cards as they would’ve been easier to carry.
  10. Code number 111
    Alexander sent his mum lots of presents, but it didn’t stop her sending him annoying letters and meddling with politics back home.
  11. Code number 109
    Alexander likes to keep up the old Macedonian drinking traditions, but some of his drunken fights don’t end well (poor old Cleitus).
  12. Code number 86
    Cleopatra married her uncle, also an Alexander (Philip was stabbed at their wedding), but he died fighting in Italy in 331 BCE.
  13. Code number 277
    This may have been made years after Alexander’s death but hopefully it will make his mum see him as the hero that he is.
  14. Code number 292
    Alexander carried the Iliad, given to him by Aristotle, everywhere.
  15. Code number 311
    Alexander looks ‘great’ in this, although I’m not sure how he will read the time – it’s a bit different from our ‘clocks’!

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