Our services, customers and stakeholders

What are our services and who are our customers and stakeholders?

Our services

The Museum delivers services to clients and stakeholders in three main fields:

  • collection management - the Museum maintains and develops the largest natural history and cultural collection in Australia with over 16 million registered items or lots
  • scientific research - the Museum undertakes scientific research on its collection of objects and in the field to expand our understanding of the biota and indigenous cultures of Australia and the Pacific region
  • public programs - the Museum presents a wide array of exhibitions, programs and events to raise community awareness of the biota and indigenous cultures of Australia and the Pacific region.

Our results logic demonstrates how the Museum's services benefit its visitors and stakeholders and contribute to community goals.

Our customers

The Australian Museum's main customers are:

  • the community of NSW, which benefits from our public programs and research, and seeks knowledge and understanding of our cultural and natural worlds
  • NSW Government agencies which rely on our knowledge of our cultural and natural worlds.

In collaboration with other museums, the Australian Museum reaches audiences across Australia and New Zealand with touring exhibitions. In collaboration with other scientific research institutions in Australia and internationally, the Museum contributes to our knowledge of our natural and cultural worlds. In addition, the Museum's website reaches an international audience.

Our stakeholders

Our key stakeholders are the NSW Government and organisations engaged in natural resources management or working with indigenous cultures.

Our other important stakeholders include:

  • visitors from Australia and overseas
  • donors, sponsors and partners, and Australian Museum Members
  • our volunteers and our staff.

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