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Traveling to Dubbo

Last week I traveled to Dubbo to teach the Evolution of Australian Biota study days at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

By: Karen Player, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 07 Aug 2015

Our Global Neighbours: Headdress and Money

Personal fortune and adornments of Palestinian women.

By: Dr Stan Florek, Category: Science, Date: 07 Aug 2015

Letter from the Simpson Desert Expedition 2015: the journey begins

The first missive from journalist Jo Stewart, who is documenting the work of our science team in the Simpson Desert.

By: Jo Stewart, Category: Science, Date: 04 Aug 2015

Recycling off the beach: Aboriginal artists and ghost net at Pormpuraaw

Aboriginal communities in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Torres Strait are taking the lead in dealing with ghost nets

By: Dr Scott Mitchell, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 30 Jul 2015

Incredible Photographs From the Archives: Negative No.106

A blog series investigating stories and images from the earliest collection of photographs in the Museum's history.

By: Rose Docker, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 30 Jul 2015

Simpson Desert Expedition 2015: Introduction

Follow our scientists as they journey into one of the most remote areas on the planet.

By: Brendan Atkins, Category: Science, Date: 29 Jul 2015

Crusty invaders

Did you know Australia is home to the world’s largest and smallest species of freshwater crayfish?

By: Brendan Atkins, Category: At The Museum, Date: 20 Jul 2015

'Sucker-bum squid' and other intriguing molluscs

 What do a pygmys, dumplings and sucker-bums have in common?

By: James O'Hanlon, Category: Science, Date: 16 Jul 2015

Learning Process: 'Fabricator' Explained

How the craftsmen in the New Guinea Highlands helped to solve an archaeological mystery.

By: Dr Stan Florek, Category: Science, Date: 16 Jul 2015

Our Global Neighbours: The flint of Brighton

A stone that served humanity for millennia.

By: Dr Stan Florek, Category: Science, Date: 09 Jul 2015