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This week in Fish: Little Dragonfish

This week we continued to add to the Find a Fish list.  Images were added for a range of species including the sub-Antarctic Marbled Rockcod and the beautifully camouflaged Little Dragonfish.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the site.

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 10 Dec 2010

A Sticky Situation

On a street post in Darlinghurst a young female Titan Stick Insect, measuring 21cm in total, was found and taken to the Australian Museum. The insect must have become separated from its gumtree, unable to fly it wandered to the nearest structure and climbed to the top. This is a tail I have heard more than a few times this Spring.

By: Chris Hosking, Category: At The Museum, Date: 09 Dec 2010

Fabulous Fijian singers visit the Pacific collections

On December 7th a group of young Fijians came to visit our Fijian collections, and as a thank-you this group, The Redemption Singers, performed for everyone in the museum's Atrium where their amazing voices filled the whole museum!

By: Melanie van Olffen, Category: Science, Date: 09 Dec 2010

Alfred Russel Wallace letters

An enquiry from a researcher at the Natural History Museum in London has meant new scans of some fascinating 1892 correspondence between Australian Museum conchologist Charles Hedley and Alfred Russel Wallace.

By: Vanessa Finney, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 09 Dec 2010

This week in Fish: New fish list

This week we began work on a new fish list that will facilitate better access to pages.  We welcome two new visitors and take you on a tour of part of the fish collection.

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 03 Dec 2010

Live displays in My Photo Studio

From December 2010 the following live invertebrates were displayed in 'My Photo Studio', giving visitors the opportunity to take their own wildlife photos and take advice from the experts.

By: Chris Hosking, Category: At The Museum, Date: 03 Dec 2010

Welcome to Peoples' Place

The Cultural Collections team here at the museum looks after both ethnographical and archaeological material from cultures all over the world. Our Indigenous Australian collection holds approximately 40,000 ethnographic objects and one million archaeological artefacts representing the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. The Pacific collections we look after comprises roughly 60.000 cultural objects.

By: Melanie van Olffen, Category: Science, Date: 02 Dec 2010

Willy Kwong has finished the Harry Burrell project

Archives' intern Willy Kwong shares his final thoughts on his work on the Harry Burrell glass plate negative collection.

By: Willy Kwong, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 01 Dec 2010

Mobile Learning at the Smithsonian

"As with all things mobile, mLearning is cranking up at the Smithsonian"

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 01 Dec 2010

Does the Australian Museum feed live rats to pythons?

I am often asked about what the Museum's live animals are fed. People are often curious about what we feed our Python, and when I inform them that he recieves an adult rat every two to four weeks the next question is; "do you feed him a live rat?" the answer can require some explaination.

By: Chris Hosking, Category: At The Museum, Date: 30 Nov 2010