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Grounding Digital Information Trends Part 1

Here's some notes from the key note address given by Kristen Purcell, Associate Director, Pew Internet Project, at the Museums and the Web annual conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 08 Apr 2011

What's in the Box - Catchments: Water for Living

The Catchments: Water for Living box is an exciting new resource for high schools.

By: Karen Player, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 07 Apr 2011

(#)WhyILoveMuseums Day

Today is #whyilovemuseumsday on Twitter. Here are some of our favourite tweets so far...

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 06 Apr 2011

New Aboriginal Dance and Culture Program

An Indigenous Australian Theatre group will perform live.

By: Ms Helen Wheeler, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 06 Apr 2011

Meeting Delayed Due to Dancers

A discussion can't compete with drums...

By: Michael Hugill, Category: At The Museum, Date: 06 Apr 2011

This week in Fish: Find a fish launched

I don't mind saying that I'm pretty excited to be able to announce that the new Find a Fish page is online. Working on this page (and those that sit beneath it) has consumed more of my evenings than I would like to admit.  In addition, as always, some great images were added. Thanks troops!

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 01 Apr 2011

Linkasaurus! #4

'Curated' for you: the latest museum, web and tech news from across the net

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 01 Apr 2011

Lord Howe Island connections

This week I have been bringing together some research on the Museum's scientific links with Lord Howe Island.

By: Vanessa Finney, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 30 Mar 2011

My little interview with Tim Flannery

Professor Tim Flannery is an amazing man and has done amazing things. He is a scientist, explorer, and author and as I found out when I met him he has got a great sense of humour. Professor Flannery is someone I admire and look up to so to meet him was really special. I just wish I could spend more time with him to talk "enviro" talk!

By: Parrys Raines, Category: Science, Date: 27 Mar 2011

This week in Fish: Ellie the eel

All was quiet on the web front last week because we were doing fieldwork.  We've made up for it this week with the addition of plenty of new content.  The blog posts on a wayward Sargassum Anglerfish and Ellie the eel are certainly worth a look, as are the great new images.  Thank you as always to all contributors.

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 25 Mar 2011