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Fish Tongue Biters: more than just one of a kind

Meet Smenispa irregularis, one of more than 100 different species of crustacean isopods found lurking in the mouths of fishes.

By: Melissa Martin, Category: Science, Date: 14 Aug 2014

We're leaner and greener

A new approach to saving energy has won the Australian Museum a key award for business sustainability.

By: Lisa Robinson, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 14 Aug 2014

Great White crosses the Tasman

The latest arrival from sea - a White Shark named Pip has crossed the Tasman. 

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 13 Aug 2014

DigiVol:Leaping Leo and The Fat One have a new home

Barbara Pointer, a DigiVol volunteer and her family have generously gifted two bearded dragons to Live Exhibits at the Australian Museum.

By: Leonie Prater, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 12 Aug 2014

Balinese Expressions: What is Lamak?

Lamak often decorates the shrine’s tower where the wooden bell bale kulkul is housed and beaten to call the villagers for ceremonies.

By: Dr Stan Florek, Category: Science, Date: 12 Aug 2014

Making an entrance

Kim McKay, Director and CEO, unveils some welcome changes at the Australian Museum.

By: Kim McKay, Category: At The Museum, Date: 12 Aug 2014

Ancient Trade Ignores Modern Political Boundaries

Obsidian artefacts reveal social relations between Russia and China about 20,000 years ago.

By: Dr Robin Torrence, Category: Science, Date: 12 Aug 2014

Opening our doors

The Museum’s very first public exhibition celebrated the ‘natural and industrial products’ of New South Wales.

By: Rose Docker, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 12 Aug 2014

Egyptian Past: The Lady of Terror

How the rampaging Goddess of destruction was pacified.

By: Dr Stan Florek, Category: Science, Date: 08 Aug 2014

News about Nerites

There’s a lot more to learn about even the most familiar snails.

By: Dr Don Colgan, Category: Science, Date: 05 Aug 2014