By Author: Ross Pogson

Science in the Underworld: a cave experience for students

Limestone caves are a great natural laboratory for observing how geological processes work.

By: Ross Pogson, Category: AMRI, Date: 29 May 2015

Science and Art – a fruitful partnership

We help an artist use our mineral collection in new and exciting ways.

By: Ross Pogson, Category: Science, Date: 20 Oct 2014

Jenolan Caves minerals form with help from bats and wallabies

We complete the most comprehensive Jenolan Caves mineral study for over 100 years, and find some surprises.

By: Ross Pogson, Armstrong Osborne, David Colchester, Category: Science, Date: 07 Jul 2014

Feathers of the Gods: A spectacular case of mistaken identity

The curiosity some individuals have with diamonds can lead to obsession and even to crime.

By: Ross Pogson, Category: Science, Date: 04 Dec 2013

The Centenary of the 'Adelie Land' Meteorite

We are celebrating a very special Centenary: the finding of the first meteorite from Antarctica, on 5th December 1912.

By: Ross Pogson, Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 03 Dec 2012

Earthquakes and tsunamis

What causes earthquakes and why do tsunamis often follow a large earthquake?

By: Ross Pogson, Category: Science, Date: 17 Mar 2011