By Author: Dr Robin Torrence

Ancient ceremonial stone tool rescued from bulldozer in Papua New Guinea

A beautiful and expertly-flaked stone tool rescued from a house site opens up a world of meaning for a distant, poorly-known period.

By: Dr Robin Torrence, Category: Science, Date: 25 Nov 2013

Sand paintings from Enga

Traditional culture meets modernism in new artworks from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, writes Dr Robin Torrence.

By: Dr Robin Torrence, Category: Science, Date: 24 Mar 2010

Statement on Climate Change

In its role as a leading scientific institution, the Australian Museum recognizes that climate change poses a serious environmental, economic and social threat to our current way of life and to the security of future generations across the globe.

By: Frank Howarth, Dr Robin Torrence, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 16 Feb 2010