Kyphosidae - Drummers

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Juvenile Rock Blackfish in a rockpool at Wollongong

Juvenile Rock Blackfish in a rockpool at Wollongong
Photographer: Sascha Schulz © Sascha Schulz

The family includes the drummers, halfmoons, knifefishes, microcanthids, nibblers and sea chubs.

Atypichthys latus New Zealand Mado
Atypichthys strigatus Australian Mado
Bathystethus cultratus Grey Knifefish
Kyphosus cornelii Western Buffalo Bream
Kyphosus sydneyanus Silver Drummer
Microcanthus strigatus Stripey
Neatypus obliquus Footballer Sweep
Scorpis aequipinnis Sea Sweep
Scorpis georgiana Banded Sweep
Scorpis lineolata Silver Sweep
Scorpis violaceus Blue Maomao
Tilodon sexfasciatus Moonlighter

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