First Australians Galleries Tour Years 3 -12

Students are guided through the exhibition by a Museum educator.


Garrigarrang: Sea Country Guided Tour

Garrigarrang: Sea Country Guided Tour
Photographer:  © James Horan

Museum Educator-led program

Students are guided through the Bayala Nura: Yarning Country and Garrigarrang: Sea Country exhibitions by a Museum Educator.

The tour can be tailored to focus on either traditional pre-contact culture or the post-contact period.

The students have a short time at the end to freely explore the exhibitions and are able to ask questions of the Museum Educator throughout the tour.

  • Syllabus links: Science and Technology, History, Visual Arts, Aboriginal Studies
  • Duration: One hour
  • Maximum number of students per hour: 30 students
  • Cost: $4.40 (incl GST) per student. Free general entry for booked school students. 
  • Location: First Australians Galleries, Level G
  • Available: Monday to Friday during term time


Ms Helen Wheeler , Learning Services Operations Manager
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