Indigenous Art Workshops - Stages 1-4

Students explore Indigenous visual culture and art and create an artwork of their own.

Student in Indigenous Art Workshop 1

Student in Indigenous Art Workshop 1
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Museum educator-led program

Students investigate the traditional styles, symbols, materials and tools of Indigenous art around Australia. They use Indigenous art and cultural objects as a stimulus to create their own design, either on paper or a boomerang, which they may take back to school.

  • Syllabus links: Visual Arts Stages1-3, HSIE Stages 1-3, Visual Arts Stage 4, Design and Technology Stage 4, History Stage 4, Aboriginal Studies Stage 4.
  • Maximum number of students: 30 (4 sessions per day)
  • Duration: one hour
  • Cost: $6.60 (incl GST) per student. Free general entry for booked school students.
  • Available: Monday to Friday during term time 


Ms Helen Wheeler , Learning Services Operations Manager
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