Image: Twilight Tours, 2005

Twilight Tours, 2005

One of the 'Fabulous Fishes' Twilight Tour groups in the tank area, 3 August 2005.

Mark McGrouther
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On the evening of 3 August 2005, Museum staff ran behind the scenes tours through many of its collections. The Fish Department participated as usual.

Members of the public were taken on two 'fabulous fishes tours' through the Spirit House and Tank Area. Tour participants were shown through the main collection area where 'adult' specimens are stored in jars and drums on moveable compactor units. Also stored in the Spirit House are thousands of vials containing the tiny fishes that make up the huge larval fish collection. Deepsea fishes are always of interest. Tour participants examined the toothy Murray's Abyssal Anglerfish and the 'reproductively-bizarre' Haplophryne mollis.

In the tank area visitors saw the strange Goblin Shark specimens and were able to touch a juvenile White Shark.

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