Image: Trevor Krabbenhoft

Trevor Krabbenhoft

Trevor Krabbenhoft at his desk in the Fish Department, July 2004.

Mark McGrouther
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In 2004 Trevor Krabbenhoft was a Ph.D. student at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

He participated in the East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute, co-sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science and the U.S. National Science Foundation. This program provided U.S. graduate students the opportunity to collaborate with Australian researchers for a period of eight weeks. Trevor collaborated with Jeff Leis and Tom Trnski.

His research was focused on identifying larval flatfishes from New South Wales. Specifically, he was interested in describing developmental series of paralichthyid flatfishes ofthe genus Pseudorhombus.

Trevor arrived at the Australian Museum on 28 June 2004 and departed on 23 August.

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