Image: Pieris capparidis Scott and Acræa andromacha Macleay

Pieris capparidis Scott and Acræa andromacha Macleay

Original watercolour by Helena Scott. (AMS193/21)

Beauty from Nature: art of the Scott Sisters

Helena Scott
© Australian Museum


Living on Ash Island near Newcastle, NSW from the 1840s to the 1860s Harriet and Helena Scott completed a magnificent collection of watercolour plates for their father A.W. Scott's publication Australian Lepidoptera and Their Transformations (Vol I published 1864 and Vol II 1890-1898). The preliminary drawings and final plates of moths and butterflies were purchased by the Australian Museum in 1884 and are preserved in the Museum's Archives.

The Atlas of Living Australia has more information such as maps, images and collection records for the Yellow Albatross, Appias paulina ega, and Glasswing, Acraea andromacha andromacha.

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