Image: Long Distance Microscope tube & objectives

Long Distance Microscope tube & objectives

These objectives help us to focus very tiny objects. We use the Nikon D3X and Canon 7D Micro Imaging Systems. The photo shows the: 

Infinity Long Distance Microscope tube (top) and Objectives CF2, CF3, CF4, CF5, HDF2 (left to right, bottom)

As a photographer sometimes you have to work with specimens that are difficult to focus, esp. if they are very small. When photographing a 3-D specimen you frequently cannot see the entire specimen in focus at any one time, due to depth of field limitations. Your only option is to view a series of partially focused images. If it is critical to see the whole specimen in focus, then you may have to manipulate several images with computer software or draw it by hand, to produce the picture you are after.

Various software packages – Auto-Montage Pro, Helicon Focus 4.21 Pro, combine the in-focus sections of the source images to produce one perfectly focused montage image in seconds.
The M&M lab has three optical microscope setups that allow the scientist to capture a series of images, montage and produce a measurable 3-D image of their specimen.

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