Image: Group of Dancers, Wanigela, Oro Province PNG

Group of Dancers, Wanigela, Oro Province PNG

"Group of Dancers, Wanigera. This photograph is rather unique for in making the exposure the back of the camera fell to pieces. On this occasion the dancing lasted for ten days. The natives stopped at midnight on the Sat and did not start again until after the midnight of Sunday. In dances of this kind (social) feather headdresses are not worn, necklaces and other ornaments are donned.The hair is well oiled and brilliant croton and feathery palm leaves are worn." Handwritten caption by Percy Money. Page 3 of Percy Money Photograph Album1, AMS328/1/3.

Percy J Money
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum


This image is from an album of photographs taken by Percy Money during his residence in Wanigela, Collingwood Bay in the early 1900's, which includes Money's handwritten captions and decorations.

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