Image: Freckled Anglerfish, Antennarius coccineus

Freckled Anglerfish, Antennarius coccineus

This 90 mm (SL) Freckled Anglerfish was one of the surprise finds of the north-eastern New South Wales fieldtrip. The fish was collected at Kingscliff, New South Wales on 3 December 2002.  It is now registered in the Ichthyology Collection. (AMS I.41846-012).

Mark McGrouther
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At the time of collection, this fish was the first New South Wales mainland record. The species had been previously recorded from North Solitary Island, Lord Howe Island and Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs. In Australia, it occurs from the central coast of Western Australia, around the tropical north, and south to at least Sydney, New South Wales.

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