Image: FLW 2012 Finalist, Secondary School: Edwina (front)

FLW 2012 Finalist, Secondary School: Edwina (front)

Edwina Sharpe models her outfit created for the Fashion Less Waste 2012: Deep Oceans design competition.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Edwina Sharpe is from Roseville College in Sydney. Edwina’s bodice was made with a carpet of blue-green deep-sea anemones in mind. Edwina dyed some mop heads green and blue, and wove the strands into panels for the bodice. Other panels were made for the back, from green eco bags. The bodice laces at the back, with a mop strand through eyelets. The skirt base was made from Ikea bags and a tarpaulin. Its tulip-shape is deliberately akin to the broad, round shape of the fictional book character, the rainbow fish. This design is titled ‘Rainbow Reclaimed’. The scales in myriad colours were each cut from a city rail ticket. The headpiece and bracelet are made from broken zippers. The zippers were rolled into spirals, to resemble knobby corals, and sewn onto strips cut from eco bags. The necklace is made of bottle tops and string, and was inspired by circular-shaped bivavles.


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