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Chullora Wetlands

Chullora Wetlands

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Chullora Freshwater Wetlands are located off the Hume Highway, at Muir Road, Chullora, approximately 14 Km west of the Sydney CBD. The Wetlands were constructed during the upgrading of the stormwater drainage system, in late 1990s by the Business Land Group (Landcom). During this process, the upper reaches of the Cooks River were replaced with concrete pipes, culverts and a concreted channel.

The South-West Enviro Centre (an active local community group) campaigned for an opportunity to improve the quality of stormwater runoff reaching Cooks River by creating a treatment wetland. The wetland and flood detention basin are constructed on land previously owned by the NSW State Rail Authority. Sydney Water became custodian and manager of the Wetlands in January 2004. The Wetlands are important for three key reasons:

  • They treat stormwater runoff, to improve water quality in the upper reaches of Cooks River
  • The basin and Wetlands provide detention storage to mitigate 1:100 year flooding events, and
  • The Wetlands are a significant biodiversity resource in a highly disturbed urban landscape.

Sydney Water manages the wetlands and often uses it for tours to demonstrate to students and professionals how this ype of asset can be incorporated into an urban waterway and the significant benefits it generates.

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