Image: Chiefs and rulers, Lufilufi, Upolu, Samoa

Chiefs and rulers, Lufilufi, Upolu, Samoa

A group of people of high rank wearing siapo barkcloth, ie-tonga fine mats, and ulafala pandanus seed necklaces, Lufilufi, Upolu, Samoa, 1900. AMS318/V6015. The seated girl wears the tuinga ceremonial headdress indicating her status as the daughter of a chief, and the tulafale orator chiefs hold their fue (fly whisks) and to'oto'o (staff) insignia.  This image shows how the decorative borders of the 'ie tonga, trimmed with feathers(usually red parrot), are displayed by careful folding, the whole being held in place with siapo waistbands.

Reverend George Brown
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum


This image is from a large collection of photographs taken by Reverend George Brown during his work with the Methodist Mission in the Pacific Islands from 1876 to 1908.


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