Image: Blazing volcano

Blazing volcano

"This is an erupting volcano, showing the process of releasing lava and smoke. Volcanoes erupt because heat within the Earth melts rocks and creates a substance called magma. Magma rises and pushes through the Earths surface and the volcano erupts. Once out of the volcano, magma is called lava. Volcanoes are one of the landforms of the Earth"

Brix Orolfo, age 12yrs.
© Brix Orolfo


Winner, Geology rocks drawing competition 2011, secondary school category

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khryzlyn1112 - 1.12 AM, 03 December 2011
galing nman ni kuya utoy! :) congratz po! :)
Kuya Batoy - 9.12 PM, 02 December 2011
Very nice drawing! :-) Congratulation Asi. We are so proud of you.

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