Image: Eureka Prize: Banding and bleeding of the birds

Eureka Prize: Banding and bleeding of the birds

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Karri Hartley
© Karri Hartley


Mandarte Island, BC, Canada. Cradled in a researcher's hand, this tiny 5-day-old song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) chick has just been banded with a unique combination of metal and coloured bands. Grasped between forefinger and thumb, is a needle, poised for blood sampling. Every nestling on the 6 ha islet has been banded and bled since 1975 and 1993 respectively, producing complete social and genetic pedigrees. This longterm study provides invaluable insights into the biology and conservation of small populations.

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105mm VR macro lens, Nikon D80 SLR, SB900. Adobe Lightroom 3: cropping; adjustment brush, greyscale; sharpness, clarity, exposure; NR.

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