Image: 3 of 19 new Goblin spiders

3 of 19 new Goblin spiders

Scanning electron micrographs of the fangs (top) and male palpus (below) of Cavisternum michaelbellomoi, one of 19 new species of Goblin spiders.

Sue Lindsay
© Australian Museum


The sternum of this species is the least modified of any in the genus. Some other characters, such as the fangs and the male palp (repoductive organ), confirm that this does indeed belong in Cavisternum. Modified fangs are also common in males of the genus – in this species the fang tips are interlocking.

This species has been recorded from a number of sites in mid-eastern Queensland. Many species in the genus, including C. michaelbellomoi and C. ewani, are named in honour of supporters of spider taxonomy.

Baehr, B., Harvey, M.S. and Smith, H.M. 2010. The goblin spiders of the new endemic Australian genus Cavisternum (Araneae, Oonopidae). American Museum Novitates 3684: 1–40.

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