Fish Fieldwork

Fish Section staff have been to some pretty interesting places in their quest to learn more about the fish fauna of Australia and beyond.

Mark seining

Mark seining
Photographer: Ulrike Kloecker  © Australian Museum

Trips range in length from a day up to six weeks and cover localities as close to home as Sydney Harbour, or as far afield as French Polynesia, Vanuatu or Madagascar.

The majority of the fishes are collected for research purposes but occassionally specimens are collected as part of commercial work, or for use in the preparation of the Museum's exhibitions. All specimens collected are entered into the collection database and incorporated into the research collection. Specimens in the collection are used in research programs by scientists in many countries around the world.

  • 2015 Oxley Wild Rivers National Park (Bush Blitz)
  • 2014 Southern French Polynesia
  • 2014 Lake Illawarra
  • 2012 Timor Leste (click on 'Marine trip' link)
  • 2012 Lizard Island, Queensland
  • 2011 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
  • 2011 Bendalong, New South Wales
  • 2010 Ulladulla, New South Wales
  • 2009 Caves Beach, New South Wales
  • 2008 Tathra, New South Wales
  • 2007 Central Coast New South Wales ((May)
  • 2003 NORFANZ, Tasman Sea (May - June) (Beasts from Below movie)
  • 2002 N.E. New South Wales ((Nov - Dec)
  • 2002 N.E. New South Wales (March)
  • 2001 Sydney Ports sampling project
  • 2000 Philippine Islands (May - June)
  • 1998 Solomon Islands (Sept - Oct)
  • 1998 Sydney Harbour (March)
  • 1995 - 1998 Cox's River
  • 1997 Vanuatu (northern half)
  • 1996 Vanuatu (southern half)
  • 1995 Ongoing Larval studies (Fish & Trips)
  • 1993 Central coastal Queensland. Shoalwater Bay
  • 1993 FNQ#2, Outer Barrier Reef (Jan - Feb)
  • 1984 Osprey Reef (Leis, Paxton, McGrouther, Thomspon, Goldman)
  • 1981 Escape Reef (Allen, Hoese, Paxton, Bray, Rennis, et. al.)
  • 1981 Coastal Queensland, Cook Is. GBR (Winterbottom, Hoese)
  • 1981 Lizard Island Post conference, (Hoese, Larson, Winterbottom)
  • 1980 Philippines, (Steene, Hoese, Ferraris, Murdy)
  • 1980 Ryukyu Islands - (Hoese, Meguro, Hayashi, Sakamoto)
  • 1980 Capricorn Group, southern GBR
  • 1979 FNQ#1, Outer Barrier Reef, Queensland

Mark McGrouther , Collection Manager, Ichthyology
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