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It was nice to see so many Members at our 40th anniversary celebration in March.

Serena Todd

Carl Bento © Australian Museum

It was nice to see so many Members at our 40th anniversary celebration in March. We’re looking forward to serving you for another 40 inspiring and engaging years!

The case of the cases

Have you noticed our new display area? It’s outside the Skeletons gallery and is currently home to Spirit Faces, a display of some 20 amazing Melanesian masks. This new display area will allow us to bring more collections out of storage for short periods, particularly from our cultural collections.

The Italian glass showcases were made by the same company responsible for the display area now protecting da Vinci's Mona Lisa, and a team of Italian installers travelled to Sydney for the installation.The first display back in February, Big Cats, was a big hit with visitors. Look out for new displays coming up. With over 18 million objects in the collection, the possibilities are endless.

Your ideas welcome!

If you have ideas for displays you would like to see, we would love to hear from you. Just call in to the Members office and leave a suggestion.

It’s a busy time here and we’re especially excited about Deep Oceans, opening on 15 June … turn to page 6 to find out more.

Enjoy the winter season at your Museum!

Serena Todd
Executive Officer, Australian Museum Members

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