Evolution Trail Combo - Stage 5 Teachers Notes

In this program students explore exhibitions and complete activities that focus on evolution.The program consists of up to four self-guided activities with an option to include one educator-led activity.

Before your visit

Syllabus Links

The Evolution Trail Combo activities are designed to meet syllabus outcomes from Stage 5 of the New South Wales Science syllabus. This program will focus on Skills outcomes as well as reinforcing Knowledge and Understanding components of the Stage 5 Syllabus (5.8.3).


Please ensure each student has a copy of the activity sheets for the activities you have selected.

  1. Geology Trail Stage 5 Student Activities
  2. Evolution and Adaptations Stage 5 Student Activities
  3. Dinosaurs Stages 4-6 Student Activities
  4. Evolution and natural selection Stage 5 Student Activities
  5. Fascinating Fossils Stage 5 Student Activities

At the Australian Museum

The program

The day’s program may consisit of up to four self-guided 30-40 minute activities and one optional educator-led one hour session (this session incurs an additional charge).

  1. Geology Trail - self-guided in the Planet of Minerals and Albert Chapman Mineral Collection exhibitions
  2. Evolution and adaptations - self-guided in the Skeletons, Birds and Insects and Dinosaurs exhibitions
  3. Dinosaurs - self-guided in the Dinosaurs exhibition 
  4. Evolution and natural selection - self-guided in the Surviving Australia exhibition
  5. Optional - Fascinating Fossils led by a Museum educator in the Science Studio on Ground Level ( incurs an addtional charge). 


Jenny Horder , Manager
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